ID-card and Digi-ID

The validity of certificates is a prerequisite for the electronic use of the ID-card. You can examine the validity of your ID-card certificates at

In order to verify your ID-card certificate status you will also need a computer connected to the internet and equipped with a card reader.

  • ID-cards issued before 1 January 2007 are valid for 10 years and its certificates are valid for 3 years. The certificates can be renewed free of charge upon the expiry of their validity.
  • ID-cards issued since 1 January 2007 are valid for 5 years and its certificates are valid for the same period as the card itself – 5 years – and the certificates need not be renewed.
  • The digi-ID-card and its certificates are valid for 3 years and renewal of the certificates is not possible.


ID-card and digi-ID are the easiest, most convenient and most secure methods of using internet banking and other e-services.

You need the following to use the ID-card and digi-ID electronic services:

  • ID-card software – download the software at the address
  • PINs – issued with an ID-card. In the event that you have lost the codes, you will be able receive new codes from a service office of the Citizenship and Migration Bureau of the Police and Border Guard Board or a bank branch that offers ID-card follow-up services
  • valid certificates – More details on whether you certificates are valid or need updating, as well as how to update the certificates, can be found here.
  • a computer with an internet connection
  • a card reader – ask for one from a computer store or your local bank branch




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