How can I encrypt documents in DigiDoc4 client?

Document encryption with DigiDoc4 Client is the most certain and safest way to prepare data for secure transmission via e-mail. This way you can be sure that your files are delivered intact, and in case they accidentally reach the wrong recipients, no third persons will gain access to that information. Upon encryption you can always determine who is entitled to see the data, and any other person will not be able to read it.

Take following steps to encrypt a document: 

  1. Launch the DigiDoc4 Client application. 
  2. Check that the card reader is connected to the computer and the software displays your personal information.
  3. From the left side click "CRYPTO"
  4. Drag the file you want to encrypt or click "...OR LOAD FILE FROM DISK" and open the file
  5. Click "Save"
  6. From the right side box click on the button "+Add recipient"
  7. Add recipients by searching their personal ID codes. Be sure to add your own certificate from your ID-card, so that you could open the document after it has been encrypted. Click "Confirm".
  8. Now the main window shows the documents to be encrypted and its recipients. Double check that everything is there. If you're satisfied, click on the "Encrypt" button. 
  9. The document has been encrypted. After encryption the file will be accessible only to the persons indicated among the recipients.




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